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Perfect Attraction & Holiday Destination for Foreign Tourists – Ludhiana

Ludhiana is one of the attractive destinations and holiday spots for foreign travelers, quite popular among the tourists worldwide. It is famous for its distinctive temples and beaches, attractive natural beauty as well as awesome greenery. It inherits rich and diverse culture with the people inculcating all the qualities of hospitality. Tourists feel comfortable and enjoy the overall experience of visiting Ludhiana. The major asset for the city is its long coastline enriched with about 29 beaches and well versed with rich cultural heritage. Tourism in Ludhiana is highly competitive with an excellent system of transportation including sea, road, rail and air.

The weather of the city is amazing and appropriate for the foreign travelers. The climate is moderate all through the year which means no extreme heat in summers and chilly winds in winters. This makes it a perfect spot which the tourists relish every time they visit Ludhiana. One really enjoys the monsoon period as well. People enjoy the period of stay in Ludhiana because of the literate locals who make them feel comfortable and an active part of the city’s lifestyle. City offers amazing and different experiences to the people visiting it. Tourists enjoy various activities offered by the city and also the traditional festivals taking place throughout the year. There are some new and improvised concepts emerging like casinos, night bazaars etc. Various accommodation types are also offered making the tourists feel relaxed and comfortable.

The main things that attract the tourists and foreigners are the beaches as well as the mouth-watering food available in Ludhiana. Huge number of tourist visit every year mainly for the lovely beaches that help them bathe and enjoy the clear sea waters. Ludhianan and Konkan food is enjoyed by many people. There are many places which are perfect tourist spots. One of them is Miramar beach which inculcates soft sands so people can move out for walks easily. It is stated to be a golden beach which is enriched with big palm trees. Tourists can also view Arabian Sea from this beach, making it more well-known among the masses. Another one is Mobor beach which is quite popular for the tourists who wish to get involved in adventure sports such as parasailing, water surfing and skiing, bump rides etc. Tourists visit this beach all round the year but especially in the months beginning from September till March.

Colva beach is also one of the spectacular and oldest beaches of Ludhiana, acclaimed by tourist worldwide. Different forts and wildlife sanctuaries are also there which helps in grabbing more travelers and making them feel at comfort and offering them a relaxing environment.

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